Wyze Ca V3 with mini spotlight not acting right after the AWS outage

I have two cam V3 with the mini spotlight on the outside of my house. They were in a camera group by themselves. The AWS crash took out my plugs, Cam Pan and these cameras. My thermos were just fine - whewww - its cold outside. Anyway everything came back up except one of the camv3 in this outside group. Both cameras have cam pan plus. When I bring the group up this cameras doesn’t connect - when I touch the camera image it starts working. I took it out of the group and the image is not live and it shows offline. When I touch the image it starts working but when I go back to the home page it shows offline. I have done mutlipe power cycles, multiple factory resets, router power cycles and deleting and re installing the device on the app. Nothing works get it back working properly. I noticed that when I reinstall the device it says ‘set up complete’ prior to me completing the setup in the app - just before the naming the camera page. I noticed on the firmware status page that this camera’s status is unknown.

Any ideas on how to fix?

Did you unplug the cams? Did you sign out of the app? We also have spotlight kits and no issues on ours

Thank you for the reply. I did a number of things, including factory reset. Finally the WYZE support people suggested something that I did not do - while on the camera in the app I power cycled the camera. The app captured the camera and it is working just fine now.