Two V3 cams off line at remote location

I have a summer home that is closed up for the winter, and I’m not going back there for months. I left two V3s running there. Worked fine until the AWS outage, they went off line and have not come back. I have no way to power cycle, or physically do anything. They show as off line in the app.

Any suggestions? Would a router reboot help? Wait for a power outage?

I have the same issue with my V3 cams. They show offline since the outage but if you access them through the app, you will get live feed. did you try that? I am interested to know.
I get the same results on Android and IOS.
I have not determined if it was firmware or AWS issue.

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It seems programmers have no idea what they are doing, I would never use these as my main cameras only Ring , updates makes things worse not better and other cameras systems you do not have to do all this updating all the time they push it out on the cloud .

They started not becoming a cameras company anymore and quality has sinking to new lows shame on them.

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I’d you click into the cameras, does the live stream connect?

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Depending on your electric utility if you have a smart meter you may be able to have the utility company buzz the smart meter and turn off power, then turn back on. Not all utility companies will do this but it’s worth asking them if they will.

No, it returns “Error Code 90, please check your internet connection or power cycle the camera”.

I have the last firmware before the AWS outage. No, no live stream on any device. I have several iOS devices with the latest app, and an Echo Show. Nothing on any of them.

Here’s my current strategy. I’m going to go to the site, even though it’s a 700 mile round trip. Fortunately, I have other business in the area to do. When I get there I’m installing a 7-day programmable timer on each camera’s power supply. It will power-cycle each camera once a week. One also goes on the router. Their power cycle times will be staggered of course. That’s a total system restart once a week, and may help keep everything up and running.

However…and this is the deal-breaker…I also had a camer go offline at home where I can deal with it. A power-cycle did not re-establish connection. The app won’t connect to it at all after several power cycles. I’ll be deleting it and repairing it with the app next. If THAT what’s happening, then I’m without any real hope of keeping the remote system up for the next 5 months.

Clearly, Wyze is the wrong product line for fully unattended applications.

IF anyone from Wyze reads this…I don’t need a car, a vacuum, headphones, earbuds, or a home Covid test. I have most of that already from established manufacturers, and it’s all available from others that already do it better. I need your core product, simple, reliable, excellent quality cameras, to work really well. You own that product. Make it work better than anyone else. You can’t own the others, they’re already owned by someone else. Over-diversification will bit you every time.

Read “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing” by Ries and Trout, and learn about others who have tried what you’re attempting…and failed…and why…before it’s too late.

Thank you, and good night.


My solution for the exact same problem is/was much simpler - replaced Wyze with Reolink. Not one single issue since switching - plus the ability for PC access for monitoring and configuration without additional cost.

I am a Ring customer and decided to try two Wyze cameras also at a remote location (boat dock). I installed the camera floodlight and USB connected V3 camera. Loved the product at first and the cameras appeared to be great quality for the price. Then about 2 weeks ago everything stopped working correctly. Wyze seemed to point to the AWS outage, but the event capture features have never started working even after multiple power cycles and complete resets. Writing to the SD cards is also not consistent.
Since Wyze support seems to be “you get what you pay for”, I decided to install a Ring camera the other day and test on a different internet connection (Wyze on Tmobile hotspot & Ring on Verizon hotspot). Both 4G networks have a strong upload and download signal. As expected Ring works perfect, and Wyze works when it feels like it. Today I am going back to the sight and flip the network providers to give Wyze one last benefit of doubt, but after reading all of the forum posts my bet is that the problem will not follow the network. If that is the case, I will take the Wyze cameras back to HD and pay the extra $100 for a couple more products that actually work.

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What specific Reolink products did you use?

That would probably be great if I weren’t 350 miles from the cameras.

ReoLink E1