WYZE Bulbs have to be reset everytime power goes out

why do I have to set my bulbs up everytime after a power outage? I dont have this issue with my cameras or any other devices

The bulbs are set to “reset” themselves anytime it senses power go on, off, on off, on quickly before it connects to the internet again. Sometimes, in some places, a power surge will simulate this by having power flicker when it goes out or comes back on. This surge makes the bulb think you flipped the light on off on off on. And now it’s back in setup pairing mode and you have to go through it again.

There are changes that could be made to reduce this for some people who have power flickers. My main suggestion is that it’s okay for a flicker to put it in pairing mode, but not reset it. If nobody goes through setup, then it should revert back to the last settings it had before the most recent pairing mode. Then it wouldn’t matter because it would just fix itself if people leave it alone.