Wyze bulbs, if power goes out three times will bulbs reset or does power have to be cycled within a certain period of time?

Had a question above as stated in subject. Was wondering with switch controlled fixtures if I turn it off but for an extended period each day will it reset the bulbs every third time or if there are 3 consecutive power outages, or does the power have to be cycled in a certain time frame to prevent accidental reset? I’m assuming the bulbs remember the last setting when power is restored, so it is best to power off the light switch with them on so they will turn back on when the switch is turned back on to their last setting.

It’s 3 times within a certain period of time… no worries if the power goes out 3 times, unless they all happen within like 10 seconds lol

So it must reconnect to WiFi to know what time it is to determine how much time has passed. If it is a brand new bulb it won’t have this info unless there’s some sort of battery or capacitor that can maintain power for a second or two between cycles.

The bulb’s power must be cycled 3 times within a short time period, let’s say approximately 8 - 10 seconds, for it to start the setup sequence. The WiFi radio in the bulb won’t have time to establish connection with a wireless network in that short time period.

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Is that documented somewhere?

Nope their isn’t any for the bulb but those are the same standby times when having the same issue with a cam.

Here goes the official write up

At one time, this was specified in the bulb setup process in the app. I no longer see it there anymore. I will bring it up with Wyze.