Wyze Bulbs: Global Brightness & Color Temperature Settings

Months ago (at time of Wyze Bulb/Sense launch), I had rules in place to set the color temperature and brightness of all my lights at a given time of day. This did not turn on the lights. Turning on/off the lights were controlled by the Wyze motion sensors. As I have recently added/moved certain bulbs, I would like to keep this rule in place,
Is it possible to have a global rule (as mentioned above) in place to control all bulb (or at least groups of bulbs) brightness & color temperatures at certain times, WITHOUT turning on the lights, while having another action turning on or off the lights without adjusting the brightness or color temperature? How it stands now, I cannot simply have a rule where an action triggers a bulb to turn on without adjusting the brightness and color temperature.

Thanks for any and all help.

having only found global rules in Wiz, not Wyze, couldnt say for sure, but if you are running alexa, perhaps you can accomplish this via routines.