Wyze bulbs/Cams/sensors to work with Cortana

Hey Wyze development team - are there any plans to make Wyze bulbs/Cams/Sensors compatible with Windows Cortana? I know many people already have Cortana via Xbox and Windows 10 PCs which doesn’t require one to purchase hardware like Alexa or Siri cylinders or “dots.” Just wondering.

This is just my opinion but it seems that Microsoft isnt putting much effort into Cortana lately. They are getting rid of the iOS and Android applications and have added support for Alexa and Google Assistant to be able to control XBOX. This might be hard for Wyze to justify since Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri rank supreme in the assistant category.

That is what I was thinking. Didn’t Cortana get demoted from the taskbar recently?

Shoots, I thought Cortana disappeared with Bob. I have not heard about Cortana in a very long while.

Wow. Bob died ages ago. So did Clippy.

Clippy, that is one I have not heard of in a long time