Wyze Bulb Sun Match

I have a Wyze Bulb (original) in a lamp that’s on a timer. We prefer the bulb to be on SunMatch, as the lamp is in a room with a lot of windows.

But whenever the lamp turns off…and turns back on, the Sun Match toggle is turned off.

Anyway to keep this bulb on Sun Match when the power is cycled?

My suggestion is to stop using the timer, and just use the timer function on the bulb itself.

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oh that’s what i do. lamp is plugged in a regular outlet and the bulb is on the timer function.

Ohhh I thought you meant the lamp was plugged into one of those programmable timer plugs. Lol

I’ve not tried setting up a timer on my bulbs with sun match, it’s either via voice or in an Alexa routine and sun match stays on unless I toggle it off.

I’ll see if I can put one on a timer tonight and see if I can recreate the issue. It may be a firmware bug.

Doesn’t it have [ Power loss Recovery ] in the settings gear icon on each bulb in the app ?

Hey Wyze Bulb PM here! Do you see Sun Match turning off when you use a schedule or app to power the bulb on/off? Or is it just when you use the timer function in the app? Also if you don’t mind, please submit a log so we can look into the issue. Thanks!

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Hey Mike—I haven’t paid that close attention but I will now. Will come back here with the deets.