Sun Match stopped working - Wyze Bulb

Sun Match stopped working on our Wyze Bulbs (v1). Can toggle the setting to ‘On’ but it doesn’t stick. Working fine on Color and v2 White bulbs.

Deleting the Group and adding the bulbs to an existing Group (with 3 v2 Bulbs already using Sun Match) allows all 5 to use Sun Match.

I’m having the same issue, failing to latch the setting after leaving the menu, on my Wyze bulb V1 with firmware version which started after updating to Ironically the patch notes state the firmware which broke it should have improved the feature.

Here placing all my bulbs on one group is not conducive to my use case while my Wyze color bulbs do work. I would appreciate if someone at Wyze could please advise an alternate solution or inform how to request a bug fix