SUGGESTION - Add a "Sun Match" Color or Action

As the title says, adding a specific color or action to set the “Sun Match” mode would fill a hole in the Wyze Bulb Color programmation capabilities.

Today, if programming changes the color of a Wyze Bulb Color set to “Sun Match” mode, the feature is somewhat “lost” and cannot be reverted programmatically.

I usually have my group of 4 Wyze Bulb Color set to “Sun Match” mode because it’s very well implemented and the color rendition is incredibly close to the actual outside light. I really appreciate it.
Meanwhile, late at night, I have a rule creating a “dawn” like effect on these bulbs. But, once set, there’s no way to set the “Sun Match” mode back.

Thanks in advance for considering this - easy to implement - suggestion.

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Please use the #wishlist for product/feature suggestions. Also make sure to hit the green vote button at the top when you post a wishkist thread.

OK. Thanks for pointing. Replicated it there.