New Feature Silently Added to Bulb Color - Thanks Wyze!

The latest app update silently added something I suggested some time ago after installing my Wyze Bulb Color.
After discovering the very well implemented “Sun Match” mode, I also noticed there was no way to enable/disable it from the automation part of the platform. Furthermore, changing the bulbs color would also disable the manually set “Sun Match” mode, which was annoying.

I then suggested to add a specific action to set the “Sun Match” feature for the automation.
To my great pleasure, I just discovered that it was silently added recently.

Here again, kudos to Wyze.


Nice! I suggested this as well, glad to see it! Thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:


Thank you for the heads-up. :+1: Requested rule action moved to Existing Rule Actions in compilation topic:

Add More Actions for Wyze Rules