Sun match firmware?

All color bulbs have latest firmware. Also, this updated app promised a new interface for color bulbs.

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I know Sun Match is not available yet, it will be in a future firmware update.


No changes to Wyze Bulb Color interface. New interface is for Wyze Bulb.


Yes the Wyze Bulb UI now looks more consistent with the Wyze Color Bulb UI.


Why would they include an option in the app that’s impossible to use yet?! It’s very frustrating spending time troubleshooting a firmware update that doesn’t exist yet.


I like the new control screen for the bulbs, took a minute to get used to it but it’s more visually appealing and for me easier to control. I am looking forward to the color match but when I wasn’t able to find the firmware upgrade I came to the forum and saw that it wasn’t out yet.

I really love this feature!!! I’m going to buy more!!!