Sun Match Adjust Brightness

Is the sun match mode on the Wyze bulb color supposed to adjust the brightness of the bulb? If so mine is not working and I can’t figure out why

Appears to just be color temperature, not brightness.

Sun Match

Bring the outdoors in by having your lights automatically adjust their color temperature for optimal lighting.


If you wish to automate simultaneous brightness and color gradient changes, you can use the sleep/wake features. I have this one set up for a critter tank:

Not sure what your use case is though. If you share how you’ll be using the bulb, we may be able to help you with a solution.


My goal would be to have the brightness gradient both in the morning and evening. The only issue I have with the bedtime gradient is that it turns the light off completely. I’d prefer to be able to set a final brightness like the wake up mode.