Wyze Bulb Service Outage - 8/8/19

Yeah so my wife flipped the bulbs on and off a few times when this outage occurred because she thought something was broken. Now the light bulbs reset themselves. What a crappy design this is. You guys gotta fix this.

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I’m just seeing this thread now but I did experience an issue with one of my bulbs a couple of days ago when it wouldn’t stay turned off. Powering it on & off didn’t seem to work so I reconnected it and all has been well since. My other bulb continued to function normally during the incident.

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I’ve got three bulbs DOA after the outage. Nothing works, on off, re-add, etc. It was ridiculously painful to get these set up in the first place. Since they will not setup with other bulbs on the network at all. All three are outside (two under carport, one at front door) so that means getting a ladder, taking them out then installing one at a time. Really hating these things. After getting them setup, then the outage took 'em down and now nothing works. I’m leaving on vacation soon and the good thing is, that I know now that they are not trustworthy from a security perspective. There’s been two outages in the last week. Two of the bulbs recovered from the first one, but the other bulb had to be uninstalled and reinstalled, which meant taking the other two bulbs out and setting that one up singly. The cameras made me think that this was going to work as well. Guess I was wrong. Regular bulbs going back in.

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Nothing they sell should be used for security, they are not made or marketed for that.

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I meant merely that I would like to trust that the bulbs will turn on and off while I’m gone for a week. Otherwise, what’s the point? An exercise in technology? A love of gadgets?

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According to my wife that’s my problem, I dont see it as an issue though.

I do agree you should be able to trust them to work while on a vacation. So far for me they are working.

Is there a way to get these notices in email as they happen? I was ripping everything apart and troubleshooting thinking it was my problem.

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@notmoe, I’ll talk to the team about it. I know that we’re looking into ways to make this information more easily accessible.

To everyone else, we apologize for how this outage impacted you and I will share your feedback with the team.



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You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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This is all very confusing as to what the circumstances are. Is this topic related to Bulbs Go Offline After Power Failure?
I get the same behavior as generally described that after a power outage the bulbs don’t respond to the adjustments (brightness, color) via the App. Turning power on/off doesn’t fix the problem.

Question: what is this “pairing mode” that some people mention? I don’t have any such mode setting in the App (have the latest versions of firmware and App).

Question for @WyzeGwendolyn: You say “we saw a spike of AWS IoT offline reports for Wyze devices (especially Wyze Bulbs). This appears as our app/cloud losing connection to the devices”. What does this have to do with adjusting the bulbs using the App on the local WiFi? Do all these App commands to the devices go through AWS? So, we have a single point of failure (or obstruction) for all Wyze devices and functionality?

Pairing mode is what you’re in after the bulb is reset by flipping the power on and off three times.

Yes, because the bulbs can be controlled from both inside and outside the local network, potentially be different users at the same time, all commands go through the servers.

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Thank you! I’ve had the same problem. And… the other day… my lightbulb started turning on and off repeatedly. Glad to know it’s not a ghost :slight_smile:

@ultra1genius, it’s not related to the power failure issue. My suspicion with that one is that the power flickers a few times before actually going out and that it sets the bulbs into the pairing mode that would intentionally be used for setting up the bulbs again on a different network but in this case just causes connection issues (like trying to connect to a Wyze Cam after hitting the SETUP button).

@Loki, thank you for fielding this!

@kcfrazier, sorry to hear about the trouble! We’re also glad to know that you don’t have a poltergeist problem. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the solid updates throughout the incident. An email blast would be preferred, however, I know to check the forums from now on. I love your products and innovation. Keep up the good work!

I fully support Wyze enabling support for MQTT. :smiley:

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At least I now know what happened that day. I thought I was going crazy when the bulb was on, but the Wyze app was showing it as off and there was no way through the app to actually turn it off.

Sorry about that, folks! Glad they’re working better now. I’ll give your feedback to the team, @Jrm523.

My camera is not working flashing yellow it’s saying it’s offline

Most likely related to this outage