Wyze bulb not connecting after firmware update

Hi i just upgraded the wyze bulb firmware but now it wont connect to the wyze app, before that it was working fine, i have tried adding it again and in the last step after the coundown reaches 0 it says time out and nothing happens, now i cant add it to the wyze app, any help will be appreciated

What app version are you running? And is it iOS or Android?

Its an iphone 6 and the app version is 2.5.53


Older Wyze white bulbs, the 2019 version, will not connect to any networks.
I believe it may be changes to the app.
I am using the same network, same APs, same password, and WPA2, not 3.
There is no IPv6.

I helped a friend change their password on their network, then went around and re-added all their devices, Wyze and non-Wyze. Everything connected fine except their 2019 bulbs. I replaced their bulbs with the newer bulbs that I believe are Bluetooth, and they connect fine.

I brought their bulbs back to my house that has not had the password changed, nor any network settings, and NONE of them (8) will finish the connect process.

I really believe this is an app issue. It does not work on my Androids using latest beta, and it does not work on Apples with latest Non-Beta app. I know it is the app, because I still have 2019 bulbs in my house all over the place that are still working because I have not had to re-set them. So the bulbs have no problem communicating with the network in it’s current state.
If someone does the magic on-and-off 3 times, I will be screwed.

Please test at the Wyze labs and verify if the latest apps can add 2019 bulbs, and please fix it when you see that you can’t.

Don’t break the app, and then try to get us to buy newer bulbs. This is not good for customer service, and surely not for me letting people know if they should buy your products. My friends received their Wyze products for free from me, and they are currently not a Wyze fan because of this issue.

I am on the same boat none imof my 8 bulbs (2019) can psir to ANY wifu. Tried everything. No help

I too am experiencing the same issue. Please fix.

Read this post for a probable solution:

But Wyze has the code that works.
They broke it with the newer versions.
They know it is a problem.
Why is it taking so long to release the fix to the current app?

You’ll have to ask them.

I did.
Some say that this forum is not by official Wyze employees, but it is hosted on Wyze’s website, and is monitored and replied to by Wyze employees, just look through it and you will find them.

Why would they ask for log numbers here if they aren’t official employees?
What are non Wyze employees going to do with a log number?

Those are volunteers. They ask for log numbers because they have access to actual Wyze employees. There are several actual Wyze employees who respond here. However, they don’t actively monitor the forum. They rely on the volunteers to do most of the monitoring.

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You still make my point

How? Volunteer is not employee.

You said:" They ask for log numbers because they have access to actual Wyze employees. There are several actual Wyze employees who respond here."

So me saying something here does get seen.
I posted several things that have been acknowledged that they know about it, and are working on it, several different problems.
And they eventually fixed them.
That does not mean that I haven’t put in direct tickets.
(But when actual support personnel waste theirs and the customers time for hours telling them to try this and try that, when they know that there is an issue with their app that no amount of trying is going to work is asinine.)
Working in a more public setting gets things done more quickly, as not paying it attention does nothing but bring down their public image, and hurt sales.

This site is paid for, operated, managed, and ran by Wyze.
Wyze gives people the rights to be a moderator.
They also decide who they pay.


Just one of several “employees” I have interacted with and had great results and helpful responses.

I post here because it makes a difference and gets things done.

One can also be a Wyze employee AND be a volunteer forum administrator.

Not monitoring a forum that Wyze created, Wyze pays for, and Wyze suggests their customers use, would be a very wasteful way to run customers away.