Wyze Bulb Color Firmware Beta Test 9/13/2021

I didn’t even know that was there! Thanks!

Be careful, though. Beta software is not as stable as released software. If you want to help report bugs with good descriptions and logs, then Beta is fine. If not, you will probably experience more frustration than you’d like.


I did install the beta firmware installed fine. But now that I did that can I no longer get the public releases?

You can’t reverse the install, but if you uncheck the bulb in the Beta area you will go back to public releases as soon as they exceed the Beta version number that you loaded.

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Did the behavior of rule actions for the bulb change with this beta? I have a rule that changes the bulb’s color if a person is detected at the front door cam. “Set color selection” is the only action selected, because I do not want the bulb turning on from the event; it should (and did) work only if the bulb is already on. The rule is now acting as though the “Turn on” action is also selected, which it is not. I have tried deleting the rule and re-creating it, with the same result.

I experience the following:

if you go to the bulb itself, select a color, the bulb does go on. So it seems that if you cycle through the colors, it will turn the light on by default.

This has done this for sometime now. Not sure exactly when it changed. But I have confirmed what you are experiencing.

SO basically, you only want the color to be set or changed when the light is on. Otherwise, leave it off. I assume you still want Notifications, correct?

Thanks for replying and the info. Yes, you are correct in that I want the light to remain off when the color is set/changed. If by still wanting notifications you mean the triggering camera’s notifications, yes.

@Yichen Has this firmware update been pulled? All my color bulbs show up to date on an older firmware, even after trying all the suggestions here from other users, also tried resetting the bulbs.

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So “Sun Match” is cool. Only problem I am having is let say I went to bed at night and the light was at the sunset temperature. Well when I turn the light on let say at like noon. It goes to the same temperature it was at when I went to bed it takes an undermined amount of time to update the current time or what ever to get the new temperature setting. Is there a way to have it always be updating that in the background when the light is off? Mind you I do not urn my lights of from a switch on the all. Always turn the off from the app or telling you know who to turn them off…

Still waiting for this as well. I’ve tried every fix listed here so far, still shows *.364 as the latest available firmware. However it notifies me of an available update every time I open the app.

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