Wyze Bulb Color Firmware and Wyze Thermostat Firmware 1.2.0 Released! - 2/21/22

Howdy, Forum Friends!

Wyze Bulb Color firmware is releasing with bug fixes and Wyze Thermostat version 1.2.0 is coming out with a new restart function and improvements to accuracy, connectivity, fan activation delays, and more! :wind_blowing_face:

Read our Release Notes:


I received the new hub update, but not the thermostat one.

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Did you get the thermostat update later? Thanks for letting me know!

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  • Improved the Fan Activation Delay mechanism so the fan will start to run after the furnace starts with a 15-minute delay when the control board has no internal logic

15 minute delay? Is that correct? That seems like a long delay to start the fan?

  • Added a new temperature calibration equation for better accuracy

Any further info on that would be interesting!