WYZE Bulb and Plug Fail to Connect BUT They Do Connect

I installed my first bulb last week. Got on my 2G network with my iphone and paired the bulb per the instructions. Once it got to the last configuration phase where it “could take a few minutes”, I kept getting a “failed to connect” message with suggestions for resolving the problem. I tried to re-enter the wi-fi password only to get the same problem. Before doing any of the other suggested troubleshooting, I simply closed the WYZE app on the phone. When I reopened it, the bulb was there and I could configure it.

I have IOS 14.0.1 running on my iPhone 7 Plus and the latest WYZE app update was not released yet, which supposedly fixes this “failed to connect” problem. The reason I say “supposedly” is because I installed the latest release of the WYZE app the other day. Then I installed my WYZE plug yesterday and got the same “failed to connect” problem. Killed the app on my phone and re-opened it. The plug was there in my device list and I could configure it.

The setup of these devices is fairly simple, but why do these devices have to 1: Be on a 2G wi-fi network? 5G is pretty much the norm these days. 2: Why do these devices have to have their own wi-fi access point that you have to connect to during the setup? They should have their own base station like the WYZE Cam Outdoor, which I had no problems whatsoever with setting up.

Please fix these issues. Thank you!

If you disable your mobile data, that’ll help the bulbs and plugs setup.

2.4 GHz has better range than 5ghz, and most iot devices are just 2.4ghz compatible. Iot devices like plugs and bulbs need coverage, not speed.
They have their own wifi because that is how you upload your network information to them. The cameras get that information through the QR code, but you connect to the plug/bulbs wifi and upload the needed info. If you have your mobile data enabled, this is where it helps because after you connect to the device, your phone doesn’t see an internet signal and then searches one out. It reverts to mobile data if enabled there for disconnecting from the device and causing connection failed or whatever issue. I like that they don’t have their own base, and just connect to my wifi.
That means there is another wifi signal in my already congested area and I have spent time and money making sure I have good wifi throughout my house just for this purpose.


Thanks for the detailed response. I plan to get more bulbs and I’ll try disabling my mobile data next time. I love the WYZE products that I’ve bought so far. Setup can be a little frustrating sometimes is all.



No prob! Glad to help! I love my Wyze cams, but I LOVE my bulbs, can’t have enough. Its been a while since I’ve set them up but I had a slight issue if I remember correctly with the setup. After connecting (mobile data off) to the bulb and watching the count down and the bulb still pulse. The bulb would stop pulsing and go solid bright white, the app didn’t do anything so I had to manually go into wifi settings and connect back to my home wifi, switch back to the app and the setup finished. It was very easy fix but I had to do that for a bunch of bulbs. When you’re setting them up if you get to that point, try something same or similar to help it along if it does something similar. Good luck!