Wyze bulb setup fails

I don’t know if it’s just me but I am having difficulty getting my bulbs to setup, I was able to setup one of them, took several attempts. The next ones don’t connect. Once I select the bulb’s wifi it stays counting to try to connect and fails. Any help?

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I too struggled but used my 2.4 wifi and no data on my android fixed my issue. Good luck.

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I’m having trouble as well, it tries to connect but never does. I’ve read people have had luck if you turn Mobile Data off, I tried but didn’t work. I also tried a couple of different light fixtures at various distances from the router but not luck. What next?

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See if any of these suggestions work:

I don’t have control of what Wifi band my devices connect to, so what I do is walk outside with my phone, far enough that the 2 gig band works and the 5 gig does not. 2 gig has longer range :slight_smile:

Worth noting: I only have this issue with Wyze devices. Would be nice if they had dual band radios in the future!

I had the same issue with android.
Used my iphone and I was able to complete the setup.
However, I have noticed, that the iphone was initially connected to a different network, whereas the android was in the same networks as the bulbs. Not sure if this was the culprit or just an issue with OS versions.

Hello I’m new in this forum but I’m glad to be here. I’m reading several posts that cause more confusion than clarity. Would someone mind summing this up other than we have an issue with the sensor monitor turns on all the cameras and now turns on all the lights and wasn’t won’t turn off until they just do.

I would like the moderator to send a PDF or provide a link so we can understand it and maybe put something very simple to rest. I as well amconcerned about these issues and like to prevent them before it in customer hands, if it is fact.

If this is already been answered. I am sorry, I had to put the phone down and attend a matter.

When mine connected, after turning off mobile data, it failed to complete the setup and instead prompted me to connect to the bulbs Wi-Fi again… Even though It automatically connected me back to my 2G Wi-Fi on my phone… I had to hit back several times to get back to the original screen with all my devices… every time I hit next it would just prompt me to connect to another Wi-Fi network…
Not a straightforward finish to the setup… it worked, but could use some polishing…

Had a ton of trouble completing setup. It would connect as planned but when you are to go back to setup is not clear. I would go back with back button when it said connect and that my internet would not work (as appropriate). However if I waited 10 or 15 seconds then it would complete. Apparently connected isnt connected fully so wait a moment and it will be actually connected and finish setup. Frustration fixed. Wyze please add a moment when returning to setup to begin process as we nay be too fast with the back button when the phone says connected to bulb.