Wyze Buds Windows 10 usage

Trying to use the Buds on a Win 10 Dell laptop. They pair but not as an audio device. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

I hadn’t done this yet so your post gave me a kick to try.

I was able to connect my WBPs to my Dell Windows 10 device following normal procedures to connect a Bluetooth audio device.

I also used them for a teams meeting right after and had to set the preference but they worked.

First thought:
IF connected to another device; Did you disconnect the WBPs from any other device that they were/may have been connected to before connecting to the Windows 10 device?


I was able to connect fairly easily to my Win10 laptop. But, I’m unable to control the volume. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Can you control the volume with the pc volume controls in the taskbar on the bottom right? Not sure the touch controls work on PC, but I could be wrong l. Can check later.

I adjusted my volume in MS teams when I used them.

No. Nothing worked. I tried Teams, Skype, and just the Windows sound controls. FYI, I’m a 40+yr IT guy. When I paired them with my personal Lenovo laptop, everything works as expected.

When I submitted a ticket to Wyze support they said check for compatibility. I don’t even know what that means. How do I check the compatibility? Especially when every other Bluetooth device I use works just fine?

Thanks for the response and suggestions. I know you don’t know my level of experience and it’s always good to start with the basics.

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We have a similar background then, I just haven’t hit Grandpa status yet :smiley:
Best I can tell you is I did nothing special and they worked without issue on my Dell Latitude 7390 2 in 1.

Obviously, there’s something very particular that Wyze either doesn’t know about or won’t say.

I paired mine and used them on my Samsung Windows 10 laptop , paired them and used them on my Samsung TV , the volume it’s regulated by the TV or the laptop

It took awhile to figure this out, but if you take the buds OUT of the case when pairing with your computer, they will show as an audio device.


Got a reply from Wyze support suggesting a factory reset and that did the trick. Everything works as expected with my Dell laptop. I can control the volume from the laptop and from the buds.

No idea why they didn’t work yesterday right after I got them out of the box, but they’re working now.

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When using my Win 10 laptop, I noticed that I have 2 devices show under the volume controls. The second device will control the volume. This is how my other bluetooth headphones work. Can confirm that they work with Skype,

Thanks everyone for your comments! Deleting the Buds Pro from my phone was the trick for me.
The first time Windows paired, it paired as a tablet, not an audio device.
Make sure your comp recognizes the Buds Pro as an audio device and it should work for you. :wink:

2021-08-30 08_47_10-Add a device

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Windows did not initially recognize my Wyze buds as an audio device. The trick I used to fix this was to change the driver to a Microsoft Hands Free driver. It worked for telephony purposes.

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I cannot get these to pair as an audio device with my work computer at all. They show up as a different device and not an audio device. I deleted them from the wyze app.

Any tips?

Oh, I finally got it figured out. What a pain. But it works now!

I had to remove them, and do a factory reset (I finally found how to do that buried at the end of one of the faq on the website) and then I had to pair them with my work computer before setting them up again on my phone.



I just had the same issue, and what solved it for me was removing the paired Wyze Buds Pro and then adding the device again. However, when I added them again, I had two options to add. One was listed as an audio device, the other was not.

I selected the Audio Device this time, so maybe the first time I selected the wrong one. I don’t recall seeing two before. but, I also wasn’t looking for 2.

My plain Wyze Buds (not Wyze Buds Pro) have been working great on my phone, but they wouldn’t connect as an audio device to my Windows 10 Dell laptop. Based on the info in this thread, this is what worked for me:

  1. Remove the device from Wyze app, and disconnect (turn off Bluetooth) on my phone.
  2. With the buds IN the case, and the case OPEN, hold the button on the back for 20s. It starts flashing white then red and I kept holding until after the red light went off.
  3. Go to pair Bluetooth device in Windows 10. I again was seeing “LE-Wyze Buds” and thought it didn’t work. Further down, I noticed “Wyze Buds” under Audio, and they paired and work fine now in Windows 10. Volume control works.

This option worked for me

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