Buds & Windows (Teams)

Totally wowed by the Buds - may have to upgrade to the Pros at some point.

That said, while they work well in almost every situation (and are totally comfy!) I’m having trouble videoconferencing with them, specifically using Teams on Windows.

The very first time I used them they worked perfectly! Every time since then, the mic hasn’t worked.

Oddly, two devices show up under speaker options for the Buds:

  • Headset (Wyze Buds Hands-Free AG Audio)
  • Headphones (Wyze Buds Stereo) (Bluetooth)

Only one mic option shows for the Buds:

  • Headset (Wyze Buds Hands-Free AG Audio)

In a meeting I’ll frantically swap between the speaker options (including my computer speakers and another USB headset I have) and sometimes the “Headset” Buds option and sometimes the “Headphones” Buds option work (seems random), but the Buds mic option never does anymore. Sometimes I can get my webcam mic or laptop mic to work, but sometimes I can’t even do that. Usually, putting the Buds away and restarting Teams and/or Windows is my only fix.

Anyone had success with their setup on a Windows 10 PC?

Welcome to the forum @Oterofam.

I have used them for teams as well but not a ton as I have a closed room and just use my TV speakers for meetings.