Buds pro with GoToMeeting

My Wyze Buds Pro work well with my computer, except when I attend a GoToMeeting, and then they do not work. It’s one of the reasons I purchased them. Has anyone had a similar issue with this or other meeting apps.

Is there an option to switch the sound input/output in GoToMeeting? You may need to switch it to the Buds.

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Yes, there is an option. When I switch to the Buds, I lose sound, both mic and speakers. When I switch back to computer speakers, everything works fine. Its strange because my Wyze headphones work with GoToMeeting and the Buds work with everything else on the PC, but not with GoToMeeting.

Web version or do you have the GTM client?

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I just have the Join Meeting from the web. The meeting owner/organizer is running Version 10.17.0 ; Build 19796

I was able to connect to a test Go To Meeting meeting with my Wzye Buds Pro. Mic and Speakers worked.

I hosted the meeting from a Host machine using the Windows Desktop app and joined using a Chrome Browser (Web) Client with the Wyze Buds Pro on a separate machine.

First thing from my test. I had the Wyze Buds Pro connected to the computer (Windows 10) before joining the Go To Meeting meeting (Chrome Browser).

Then I entered the meeting and selected the Wyze Buds Pro and selected connect with my computer the selected my Speaker and Mic

It looks like GTM identifies 2 devices for the Wyze Buds Pro. When you select your Mic and Speaker devices, make sure to select the one that starts with Communications for your options.

If these are steps you have been through (and I apologize, not sure how far you have gone through in your testing, as I don’t want to assume anyone’s level of technical knowledge) I can at least validate I was able to get the Buds Pro working with Go To Meeting.


Thank you, I’ll give it a try.

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