Buds Pairing and Windows 11

I have a pair of Buds that work well with my computer. I tried to pair them to a new laptop that runs Windows 11 (they had been running on Windows 10) and I could pair them to the computer, but when I open the case, they don’t seem to stay connected. The Bluetooth control panel flashes between saying “Paired” (which is the default) and “Connected” -it just goes back and forth (every second or so) with Paired - Connected - Paired - Connected… and no sound is coming out of the Buds. I don’t even get the connected tone from the buds. Is there something special with Win 11? I don’t think so but thought I would ask. When I do pair them, they show up in the Bluetooth Control panel as LE-Wyze Buds.

I did have them also set up in the app on my phone so I can control/check them, and when I open the app now, and open the buds, it tries to connect but never talks. I’m not sure if this is related or not. I have occasionally had problems with the connection to the app, but since I use it on the computer I hadn’t worried too much about it Anyone have any thoughts here? Thanks.

OP Here - to follow up, it seemed to not be a problem with Windows 11 but rather just with the system. After deleting another device that was paired to the laptop (it was new, and I had not paired anything else myself with it), as well as the Buds, then started fresh and it all connected just fine. There have been no problems since.