Windows 10 Laptop PC Asking for PIN on Earbuds Pro

When pairing my new Earbuds to my Windows 10 PC the PC asked for a pairing PIN. I tried 0000, 1111 and the last 4 digits of the MAC address. However, none of them worked. What is the default PIN for the earbuds?

I don’t think it should be doing that, and I am not aware of a PIN number to give you. I never had to enter a PIN when pairing them with my iOS devices or my Mac. Have you tried just hitting enter?

This may be some Windows 10 chatter worth reading. One of those users may also be able to give you tips if their suggestions don’t work for you:

To date, I have connected the Wyze Buds Pro to a number of different devices including Windows 10 devices and none have requested a PIN.

I looked in the Windows Bluetooth settings to see if there was an option to modify a PIN request and there is not.

I believe the the appropriate response (similar to what @Newshound suggested) to Windows 10 requesting a PIN would be, to leave the field blank and just click Next on the prompt.

Just a side thought… Any chance you might have accidentally clicked on a different device other the the Bud Pros in the Bluetooth menu?


I just selected one of the multiple wyze buds options - I’m the only one around with them. That seemed to work so far as that went, but I haven’t figured out how to connect them to the PC audio yet. Working on that now…

i just had the same issue with the Wyze Headphones… I kept random numbers until i got it and it was “0000” literally just 4 zeros.