WYZE Buds Green

I received the buds on Monday. I have used them while riding a MTB over trails (53 miles). They have stayed in place and have good sound. When in a head wind situation there is quite a bit of noise in the standard mode, in transparency mode they would cause hearing loss. When riding down wind they are nearly perfect.


62 B riding a bike? C’mon… Them wheels aren’t big enough :wink:

Update; during a MTB ride earlier this week, the right bud worked loose in the first mile. At 4.9 miles the left bud popped out. I thought I had caught it in my gloved hand, no joy. I searched for more than 1 hour, but I didn’t find the bud. The grass was knee high and the green bud blended in. I dropped the right bud at my toes. I thought it would be lite enough that it would sit up on the grass. It worked it’s way to the bottom. I had to tear through the grass with my fingers to find the bud. I’m back to the airopods that continually fall out. I have them on a silicone cord so at least I don’t lose them. Plan C will be the soothing sounds of nature.