Wyze Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals 2021

No better deal than a Wyze Black Friday deal!

We have incredible deals coming at you all week. Get your hands on some of our exclusive bundles for Cam Plus, Google Nest Hub, and more this gift giving season.

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Do folks in Canada get something or are we being forgotten again?

Its a bit depressing getting the notifications constantly while being transferred to Canadian store with no deals.

Will this be available via the mobile app?

I’m not sure if this will also be reflected on the Wyze shopping page, but they’re selling the cordless vacuum on Amazon for $99.99 (shipping included)! Link Here!

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Ordered two!:+1:

I hope your going to step it up for Monday…

I’m not really seeing incredible deals. Am I missing something?

Kind of pisses me off that I paid $120 for it with the pre-order price. But Amazon also says the regular price is $200, which just isn’t true.

They need to step it up and something worth wile like a V3 Camera for $29.99 and a second V3 for $1.00…

I just saw Wyze’s promotion email today, stating that Walmart also has this vac at $97.

I put an order on Friday but I can’te see it in my order history. Is it normal due the high demand for Black Friday?

Walmart .com has it for $97.00

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My old man wanted me to get some cams for him. There was a promo deal Wyze Canada was having the week before Black Friday, so I put 2 x V3 cams and 2 spotlights into my basket the day before boxing day. I was so happy to finally get the Canadian site! I thought I’d wait to see if the Black Friday deal, or Cyber Monday deal would be good. In fact, Wyze changed the promotion on Black Friday. The promo wasn’t useful to me, and ended up costing me MORE for the 4 items in my basket by a few dollars. LOL.
Oh well, I tried.

Order placed Cyber Monday. Not showing in my order history and still no shipping email. What is going on here?

Did you look at Wyze. Com and sign into your account