Wyze Beta predecessors to app version 2.13.116

Hello All,

Does anyone know where the last few beta app downloads that preceded version 2.13.116 can be found?

Many Thanks!

APKMirror.com and APKPure.com

The beta versions are marked better on APKMirror but APKPure has more older versions.


Thanks, but I’ve been there, & several other repositories - nothing even close. It’s really not that big of a deal. I’m just trying to find a version closer than the one I’m currently using (2.12.35) because the latest (2.13.116) does not work at all as an update, or an install.

Not sure what that means.:slightly_smiling_face:
I take it you are looking for a specific version? 2.13.??

I’m looking for a version closer to the update that popped up today from the play store which was 2.13.116. I was thinking maybe if I had the version just prior to that one I might be able to update to that most recent 2.13.116 version. I’ve totally lost track of when & what update came before the one the was released today. No worries; version 2.12.35 still works. It’s just a bit more glitchy than usual.