Wyze Base Station does what

Getting a full description of the new base station is impossible. So, here is my question:
Will base station work with Wyze Cam Gen2 and PanCam or only with new Gen 3 outdoor cam

The Wyze Base Station is for use with the Wyze Cam Outdoor only.


If you are referring to the base station that comes with the Wyze outdoor cam it only works with the outdoor cam.

If you are referring to the Hub that comes with the Home Monitoring System that does more things but mostly for sensors and the monitoring system

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Just for clarification on camera versions…

Wyze Cam

  • V1
  • V2
  • V3

Wyze Cam Pan

  • V1

Wyze Cam Outdoor (Requires Base Station)

  • V1

Does back up to base station for WCO only save the 14 days of clips locally or does it save them longer depending on amount of storage?

Wondering if it is possible if the memory card is large enough if older clips could be recovered from base station memory after the 2 weeks of cloud storage.

It will save until storage runs out. I’m not sure what happens when the card fills up. The 12 second clips are not very big (~2mb) even a 32 gb card would hold many months maybe even years depending on the amount of cameras and the frequency of events.

When the card fills up it just records over the events that are already on there, Kind of like loop recording on a car’s dash camera.