Wyze Band Sleep FONT NOW (April 8, 2021) WORSE TO READ

Today (April 8, 2021) they have made a darker color and larger (but why not bold) on each activity with an easier to read darker number from the pale colored specific activity, EXCEPT THEY MADE THE SLEEP PAGE WORSE. Obviously in an attempt to fix this problem, they have used a hollowed out font for sleep, making it even more impossible to read. Please Wyze, fix this. It almost seems intentionally done or else something is working on this who really doesn’t know what they are doing.

The fix for reading is a bold solid dark colored font, not a hollowed out font.

I tried to delete this but it will not allow me to delete my own post. I later discovered on this particular issue, my phone settings had been changed. Still. Wyze has done a bad job of making the Sleep info readable. A simple dark bold font would work.

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I agree. I can’t read the open-faced outline font either. I hate that font. I wish they would change it.