WYZE Band - Customize font size and colors on different screens

It’s nearly impossible to see current time on my Wyze Band during Run/Workout tracking when I’m outdoors. The font used is too small and too dark.

On the band there are a number of home screen faces to choose from and only one has your steps listed and it’s tiny. There is also no setting for steps, time and heart beat. There is a huge amount of empty space between the time and the steps. I would love for them at the very least redesign the home screen to have the option of a larger steps, having time heartbeat would even be better.

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Increase font size, change font color and option to change screen orientation (portrait to landscape) to you could get more text info on the screen with a larger font (notifications, texts, etc.)

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Is there a way to edit the color or font settings? It seems that Sleep is the only one that doesn’t have the details bolded - so it is really hard for me to read the results in the app. I don’t know if it’s just the blue on blue or the fact that it seems like all of the other activities are a bold font on lighter colored box.

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You can change the font color by going to the band in your Wyze app, then selecting the background and clock face settings, then you’ll see the “font color” adjustment.

Sorry, i may not have been very clear. I was referring to the Activities tab. It seems that labels on the screen are in Bold for each tab except for the Sleep tab.

For me Sleep is very hard to read on my phone. I’ve taken screenshots in an effort to show what I mean.

It seems to me that labels for Heart is Bold red on light red, Steps is Bold green/blue on light green/blue, and Calories is Bold orange on light orange. For some reason the Sleep info is just really hard to read.

^^ I hope that makes sense. I’ve shown a couple of people the app and they seem to agree with me, but I’m not sure that I’m phrasing it properly.

And while I have your help:

Also, it looks like when I pull up Activities and Sleep on the band, it gives a break down of the daily sleep periods, but in the app it just gives a static chart of the total length of time.

Is there a way to get the view from the band on the app (and thus a larger screen) so that I can see it a little better? Like it would be super helpful to be able to see that went to sleep at a certain time, tend to be “awake” (or restless) for the first 2 hours, and then get a few hours of light sleep followed by several hours of deep sleep. I was thinking maybe I could click on the daily bar graph in the app and it would pull a different view, but it looks like my only options in the app are 7 day and 30 day views.

The band view: wyze band - sleep - Album on Imgur

I know this thing isn’t supposed to be a dedicated sleep tracker, but it just happens that I just got this thing last week and my doctor is actually thinking that some issues that I’m having may be related to either the quantity or the quality of sleep that I’m getting, so it was perfect timing that this thing has a sleep tracker, so I was hoping to not have to spend on a dedicated device.

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This seems to be a bug in the app. What app version is this?

This isn’t currently available. I’d add this to the Wishlist, it’s an awesome Idea!

App version is v2.14.35 - running on Android 10

Thanks for adding to wishlist!

You should add it to the Wishlist! It’s your Idea!

Please take a look in the Google Play Store, a new version (2.15.21) is available and it may fix this issue.

Thanks. I updated, but still looks the same. Still nice to know that phone was set to auto update apps and I still had 12 apps that needed updated! :slight_smile:

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