Wyze Band Firmware Released! - 8/10/20

Hi, forum friends!

Wyze Band firmware is releasing today. This includes the ability to integrate with Google Fit and Apple Health, adds a freestyle exercise mode, gives the option between 12-hour and 24-hour time format, and more!

Read more in our Release Notes:


This is great progress! Gives me hope they’ll eventually allow developers API access.

The moment Wyze makes an update to allow API to integrate with things like the Sleep As Android App like the Xiaomi Mi Bands allow, I will buy a Wyze Band for everyone in my family. Until then, I need to keep using the Xiaomi Mi Bands. Ironic since Wyze band is supposed to basically be a Mi Band with better customized programming… But the cheap Mi Bands still have the one thing I’m waiting for Wyze to support (API for Sleep as Android integration)… Otherwise I’m totally sold!


Good morning Wyze one😎,
I read the release notes but what is the freestyle exercise mode? I see the workout tab under the Activity display but it shows no data…also what is red dot notifications and where is the multiple device login notification? Sorry, if I missed all that in the release notes…Thanks for your help


I’ve read the release notes that say 24-Hour time display is enabled but I’m unable to find where that setting is. Any help would be appreciated.

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@WyzeGwendolyn I just do not see anything regarding “Freestyle excercise mode” with this new firmware updated. Can you please elaborate?

Hubby’s Wyze Band was history on day 5, in the bottom of the lake. He was casting and it popped off…UGH. :rofl:

Hello! I’ve updated my android app and read all the releases notes, and I still can not seem to add my children’s bands to my device. They’re 6 and 8, and do not own devices that we can add their band too. Any suggestions or time frames as to when this will be possible or available? I purchased 5 bands and 2 have been unused and highly desired (6 and 8 girls, I am sure you can imagine) for months. I was unaware of this lack in the features and I personally love the band, and prefer not replacing all 5 for adaptability. Thank you for your time and I’m looking forward to hearing back :slight_smile:

Under workout you have running or free training. It used to only track running but now you can turn on free training and do any activity and it will continue to track your heart rate and the duration you are performing the activity. This could be great for bike riding or simply exercising.

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I seriously do not have anything other than running! Can you post photos, maybe there is some secret backdoor I am missing!

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anyone else seen battery life drop after updating the watch? charged it to 100% yesterday and now i’m down to 42%


Yes, mine dropped rapidly also. I thought it might have something to do with the phone interface with my new Wyze lock and turning on Auto Unlock. But then I remembered I had just updated the firmware. Not real happy about the battery life now if this is how it continues to perform. We’ll see how today goes.

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Don’t know how you did it but thanks. All I did was ask this question yesterday and last night the band started displaying time in 24-hour format without me doing anything. Thanks!

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Sorry for the delay!

The freestyle exercise mode allows you to have health metrics that work for exercise outside of running. The red dot just lets you know when we want to show you something new. The multiple device login notification will only come into play if you try to use your Wyze Band with multiple devices.

The hour format is decided based on the paired device’s format. For most folks, that will be a phone.

To access the new features, make sure that you have your app and the band firmware fully updated before syncing them again.

Are folks still seeing rapidly draining battery?

Sorry to hear about the swimming Wyze Band, goddessofblueridge!

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I have a problem for the Wyze band integration with apple health: for the data to synchronize, I need to open the Wyze app, then Wyze band, then the activity window. Only then will the data appear, and only the data of the day. So if I didn’t synchronize my steps at night, then they wont synchronize the next day. Is there a solution to this?
Also, I am wondering if it is possible to pair one band with multiple devices running the Wyze app? When I open the Wyze band on my iPad, I have to reconnect it to my iPhone afterward as they are not paired anymore.

I’m actually seeing major improvement in battery life after the update.

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How do we integrate with google fit?

Make sure your Fitware Band and Wyze App are updated. Go to the Workout Screen on the band and it should show Indoor Running and Free Style Exercise.

Hope I helped you some…


No, it can only be paired to one device…

On the band, open the workout app. From there you should see two options : Indoor Run and Free Training. Once selected the band will begin to record motion and heart data until you open the app (on the band) again and select Finish. Then when you open the Wyze App on your device select Activity and under the Workout tab you will see the session you just recorded displayed with all included data.

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