Wyze Band Firmware Released! 8/24/20

Hello, forum folks!

Wyze Band firmware is heading your way! This has improvements for the heart rate monitoring accuracy, sleep cycle and duration calculations, and Notification Box user interface.

Read our Release Notes here:


My Wyze Band is coming tomorrow! Super excited!! I purchased after seeing how many improvements Wyze has been making. Thanks for all the updates!


I wish Wyze would tell me why I can’t upgrade the firmware on my new iPhone. I’ve been fighting this for a week now.

Yeah, this Wyze band is super amazing. It would be nice to delete unwanted clock faces that I custom made. I have duplicates and it would be nice to make my personal selection look more organized. Sorry I have minor OCD.


Maybe this update is a reason why all the wyze products disconnected yet again, without any notifications?

Looks like the video keeps freezing after the firmware update. This is for the weatherproof cam with base station.

Will Wyze band work with Google fit?? All I get are steps, SLEEP data and BMI do not transfer. Actually wt. is the only thing that transfer!! Will it ever do BP?

Does the heart rate still not work with Google Fit?