Google fit syncing with wyze band

I would love to see my steps and activity data automatically able to sync with either Google Fit or MyFitnessPal. I use Myfitnesspal to track my calories and manage my weight. In the past I had a FitBit and its app was able to sync with myfitnesspal and make adjustments to my calories automatcially.

Google Fit is able to sync with myfitnesspal, so if the wyze app were able to sync activity data from the band over to Google Fit, I could configure google fit to sync with Myfitnesspal. Ideally, I would love to be able to sync directly to myfitnesspal, but I’ll take what I can get.

Google fit sync is coming, it’s in beta testing now, working great for me


How do you get into this beta test? I am on the beta version of the app

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Ken, how did you enable Google Fit tracking in the beta app? I don’t see that option anywhere.

sorry, I just realized it has not made it to the beta app yet, I’m on a alpha app, I would assume it will be added to beta soon

You broke my heart. Fingers crossed it makes it to beta soon.

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Hope so too! Really looking forward to this

Google fit has been added to the latest beta app, plus many other goodies :grin:

Amazing! Seems to work pretty well so far - just the “Unauthorized” button is very confusing after it has actually been authorized and connected - maybe the button should read “disconnect” or “unauthorize” instead? Confused me initially but then I saw that the data was indeed coming through to Google Fit

Yeah it’s just a button to unauthorize Fit

Do your steps from your Wyze band show up in your Google Fit? So far I only see my heart rate and sleep data in the Google Fit app.


How can I connect my Wyze Band to Google Fit?

You need to be on the beta app, then go into the band settings, then health data integration

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Thanks @Ken.S I found it and activated the sync.

I wanted to use this as a replacement to my Google Fit Tick Watch Pro. Due to size I love it! But, wondering…I cannot do the same things like actually run google fit on this watch? For example, I cannot go to weight lifting and have it record my HR and time etc? I hope I make sense! And when I go for my walks, it connects to my GPS on phone and I actually hit the walk button

no, the wyze band will not run google fit on it, but it has it own workout tracking that will record HR, steps, distance, etc, then it will sync with google fit


Thank you Ken! SO I assume there is no way to differentiate that I am skating, running, or lifting? Is there a way to customize the “run” icon to be for example, “walk” or “skate” THANKS AGAIN!

No, there’s 2 options, run & free training. I don’t use it daily, but here’s a few screenshots.