Wyze Band end of life?

Sorry it took some time to get back here, Wyze Band is not officially EOL, we are still doing bug fixes but there is currently no active development of new features.

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Thank you.

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They aren’t keeping the Band as is. I was just told by support that its no longer produced. Although its not officially EOL from a support standpoint, the product is dead which is really disappointing. There are those of us customers that don’t like a larger product on our wrist like a watch, so the Band was a much better choice. I wish Wyze would reconsider.

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Could it be they have been hacked like the v1 cameras for 3 years and aren’t going to mention this either.

Wyze Band connects only to your phone via Bluetooth. It has no WiFi or Internet connectivity.

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Bug fixes 2 years and counting in the making.
The band is DOA as far as Wyze is concerned.
They got the money they wanted from it and moved on.

So you mean to say your location can’t be vulnerable from your phone through the app?

Sure your phone can be hacked.

I can’t get my daughter’s to pair on her phone or mine. I have a 44 that works just fine. But the band pair screen doesn’t work either. If I picka 44 to pair the band it gets all the way to finish pair and gives error. So don’t think it’s watch or app. Just can’t pair band to app anymore.:man_shrugging:t3:

My suggestion: Full factory default on the band in question prior to re-pairing. If that doesn’t solve, leave it in a drawer for two weeks (to let the battery run down entirely), charge it, and try again.

My Wyze band’s band broke today. I want to buy a replacement but I need black not PINK and that is all you have in stock. I absolutely HATE the fat look of the Wyze watch, so I won’t be getting one of those. When will black bands be back in stock? I need one ASAP.

I don’t know if any will come back in stock through the Wyze website, however, I believe there are some available through Amazon. This one appears to be for the Wyze Band (Blue and Gray bands)


I’m sure there are others.