Wyze Band brightness options (night mode)

First of all, been really enjoying my new Wyze band! Love the tracking features.

One suggestion I have is with night-mode. Even at low light level settings, the band is still really bright at night. The band will fire up when turning in bed giving you a little blast of brightness. Yikes.

Would love to see either an additional lower level setting than the current 3, or at least an option to disable the auto-wake during night time - forcing you to touch the home button to wake the device.

To be honest I think I’d personally like to see both of these features. The band is ‘smart’ enough to track sleep so have it disable auto-wake while it thinks your sleeping and a lower level light setting for night time so when you do get up in the middle of the night it doesn’t blind you.

This is the case with the watch, too. The lowest brightness level is way too bright!