Wyze band flashlight option

Mod Note: This was added in the 2.13 app release.

The roadmap wont let me post so im putting it here.
I would like an option for flashlight on the Wyzeband. Select the option on the band and a plain white screen will appear that i can use as a flashlight.


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I’ve used the band a few times already for this, with a lighter wallpaper I have. a longer screentime would also help.

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A flashlight option on the Band is not a good idea at all. First off, it would quickly kill it’s tiny battery life. Secondly, just use your phone. Or better yet, use a tiny CR123A single battery flashlight.

Lol, it already is if the brightness is maxed out at night

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I disagree that it wouldn’t be a good idea. It’s not something you’d keep on very long, its just for quick uses in a pinch (perfect for getting out of bed without waking significant other, etc, ). If developers of phones said ‘they can just use a single battery flashlight’ then we’d all be without a phone flashlight too.


Yea, when I’ve used mine for this purpose its just been for several seconds at a time, equatable to checking the band a couple times.

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Add a function to Band for a flashlight.
When turned on, the entire face of the Band would be bright white.

I wear my Band while sleeping. Sometimes I’ll wake up and need to see something on my nightstand. It would be handy to simply scroll and touch the Flashlight function.

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I support this. As a Pebble user, I’ve been amazed at how often I use the weak backlight on it for a guiding light at night. Just enough to keep me from running into things but not enough to be obtrusive. Having this as a dedicated feature would be helpful.

I used the Wyzeband this past weekend as a flashlight for finding my way to the bathroom. Just enough light, but the duration was too short. Any chance a white screen (with the time as well) could be added as a flashlight. Perhaps during certain hours a press of 3 seconds turns it on and 3 seconds turns it off? Love the watch btw!!!

Might just be on the beta app, but I’m pretty sure they’ve added this feature. It should be in the toolbox setting? I’ve lost my watch in the house somewhere so I haven’t updated the firmware.

This was launched today with the 2.13 app release. :slight_smile:



A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Thank you. I love this watch and I love that you continue to make it better.

I had another thought for a tool… how about a red-blinking setting which would be great as a taillight for cyclists or for walkers a dark multi-use paths, the user could just flip the band to the back of the wrist. Thanks again!!



Oooh! I LOVE that idea! I recommend making a Wishlist post about it if you haven’t yet! :smiley:


A flashing red light for the Wyze band is a fantastic idea! For pet collars, too! This could also be useful for a person in a situation with their vehicle. Add a control for the speed of the blinking light.