Wyze Watch Adjust screen brightness according to schedule

I am currently adjusting the brightness on my watch depending on the time of day. If there is not a way to have this automatically adjust with the ambient light, can we get a way to schedule it to be bright at certain hours and then dim at other hours? Perhaps coordinate this with sunrise/sunset? Just some ideas…

Technically, I’m not sure this is possible but it would be nice to have auto brightness. If auto brightness isn’t possible, could we have a slider for the brightness instead of just three modes? (Low, Medium, High) My wife wants to hurt me when I click the power button to check the time at night even when the brightness is on “low”.

Ability to schedule “Night Mode” - brightness lower than “low” and use Sunset to Sunrise (or set the start and end time)

Please don’t dim the contact’s name when showing a text message on the watch. Leave it the same brightness as the text message itself. Currently it is difficult to see who the text message is from at a quick glance (about all the time you get before the screen blanks again), especially in brighter light. The contact name is as important as the message itself, so please let us be able to easily see it. If you feel that it needs to be differentiated from the message of the text, then show the name in a different color. Just make it bright and not dim.

I have a stunning photo of my family as my background but it’s very bright at night,

however I also have a watch face with a black background that would be good for nighttime,

please add the possibility to schedule faces.

Or at the very least add an option to change the brightness based on a schedule

Thank you :pray:

I’d like to suggest adding a sensitivity adjustment for my Wyze watchband. The sensitivity setting is so light now that it’s constantly turning on and off during the day as I move my arm.

I would also appreciate it if I could adjust the brightness of the screen. I don’t see well and I need a brighter screen than the default.

Thanks for consideration

The watch should have a setting for night mode for automatically lowering the screen brightness from a time of your choosing or from sunset to sunrise.

This would help for 2 reasons: one would be so as to lower the brightness and not be too bright for our eyes when udon the device so we don’t look at bright screens before we go to sleep and the second reason would be by reducing the brightness it helps save battery life