Wyze app will not download to samsung s10

Bought outdoor cam for wife. cannot downlod the wyze app to her phone

Does the app not show in the Google Play store, or does the download start and fail, or download and can’t install?


Welcome to the forums! Its always best to give as much info about a problem as you can up front so that focused help can come a lot quicker. Any additional info like @K6CCC 's questions is appreciated! Thanks in advance!


wyze app shows uo in google play store in response to DOWNLOAD I get message that "something went wrong, try again. Have purged cache of both google apstore apps on her phone and reset donload manager app, & restarted phone several times. I have not found a way forward, since camera was gift to her i’m about to return the unit since it is not functional for intended purpose.
Incidentally, the app downloaded fine to my phone an S20FE and I have the camera working.

have resolved the problem - wife’s phone has been infected - the wyze appstore selection was being redirected to other apps and the download request was being ignored. Used samsung browser to find the app. the download worked.

Thanks for the update, glad it’s working for ya now!