Wyze App - weak time frame line

hi Wyze Dev App Team

Am using the wyze cam and about the camera have only one issue: during the dark light it still records in colour mode > maybe it would be better to record in grey-scale mode?

But I do have a problem with the app: The colours are problem: white background , light-green time movement marks and thick darker-a-little-green time-pointer

That makes almost impossible to point exactly to the time you wanna view.

Please check how YI Home App works , that might be a good inspiration how it should work. If you can’t check that app for some reason then let me know and I’ll make video for you.

rgds, R

Do you have night mode set to Auto? Tap the night mode symbol above right of the live stream view.

When viewing the timeline, move to the general area you want to view. Then use a pinch-out gesture on the timeline. It will expand to give you much finer control over placement of the playback marker.


Thank you for your reply , that pinch-out tip works. but it would be better if app automatically expand the time-frame-line

do you know if there is or will be dark theme for iOS app ?

Sorry, I’ve not heard anything about a dark theme. Don’t know one way or the other.