Coloration of the timeline during View Playback

In various forum posts I’ve seen TinyCam Pro mentioned so I installed the app today and played with it for a couple hours. I like the coloration they do on the timeline for playback. I wish the wyze cameras did similar coloration indicating motion when viewing the timeline during playback. All my cameras are set to record continuously. Given that my needs are fairly minimal I don’t see that I’ll be retaining the TinyCam Pro app. However I can see where it would be useful if you had multiple brands of cameras and you wanted to remotely view the live camera feeds.


Sounds like a great wishlist item. I would think the concept is a simple enough implementation since motion is already tracked. They could also do different colors for person detection vs other motion. Those are already identified and tagged, so linking that in the timeline should be all that’s left.

There’s a wishlist item for it.


wyze should just buy TinyPro

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And make it available on IOS.

Where/how are folks getting the dark mode to work in the Wyze app? This is the second post I’ve seen with what looks like a dark theme.

It’s an OS wide dark theme setting.

Edit here is the setting on Android.

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