Wyze App v2.0 Launched!

Shop and Discovery should go under My Account, but the fact they sacrificed so much to put them front and center over functionality of the core product says a lot about priorities and direction. I’m spending way too much time trying to understand all the odd things happening or not happening when it should just simply work and be easy to use. Given all the issues, I’m starting to think the best use might be to turn on continuous recording, abandon the app, block it off the internet and just hope something gets recorded should I need it. I sense the direction they are going isn’t the direction I need.

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Not sure if I did something but I lost the power icons for the individual cameras on the Home screen on my phone. I see I have v2.0.23. On my tablet, they are still there, which I prefer, and I have v.2.0.17. Is there a way to get back to 2.0.17 on the phone?

Yes , the power icons for the individual cameras Are not there In v2.0.23 It’s back like it used to be .
As far as getting back to 2.0.17 I don’t know

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We found some issues with the power icons so we’re working on fixing them up before we release an update with them included. Sorry for the inconvenience! At this point, I don’t have a way to revert your phone app, I’m sorry.


I noticed this new app has far less “Digital Zoom” ability, why the change?
Barely zooms in now…

As a quick check, if you disable the hardware decoder, does the zoom ability come back?

Did improve zoom ability, but compared to previous version still less zoom than previously allowed

Can the 2.0.17 apk be made available for download?

Any chance that you could send us logs for this so we can work on fixing this issue? And is this issue in the live stream, manual recordings, alert videos, or a combination of these?

I don’t have the authority to make that happen, I’m sorry. I’ll ask the team!

sent log via app feedback…

Zoom the same in all instances, live, playback, events…

Found on apk mirror that the previous version from October 29th, 2018 was 1.5.82 so I downloaded that APK to go back to…

Post above referenced 2.0.17 so my info on previous version being 2.0.17 may have been wrong?

Would love if the next version includes background audio so I can use it for a baby monitor more efficiently.

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There’s a pretty big problem with IFTTT integration with version 2.0. There’s no way to re-enable per-camera notifications. The only toggle is the global app notifications.

Possible BUG. I have experienced this today, and my problem is a little worse.

The reported event video is from a different day than reported and the time stamp doesn’t match the event notification reported. I’m 100% sure the video reported is from another day and time because I viewed my SD recording and shows the real recording for the reported event from the new Wyze 2.0 app.

Also the event video shows the wrong camera label than what I have set it as. It shows as the name of my other camera. But in the main dashboard window it is correct.

I found an odd bug that seems to have been happening since the last couple of Android app releases.

Whenever I get a notification of an event happening on one of my cameras, if I go to that event via the Android Notification, the event video will play. So far, so good. However, when that event video completes, the app goes into a kind of stuck state, with what looks like a missing overlay or window background drawn over the entire app. The in app event notification bug (the red ball) doesn’t clear, either.No amount of Android OS back button presses will get out of these conditions. My only option is killing the Wyze app.

You can take a look at the screenshot to see how it appears on my device (Google Pixel 2XL running Android Pie 9.0).

This is app version v2.0.24, by the way.
One more follow up: this seems to be happening whenever a new version of the app is updated behind the scenes, but hasn’t been run “clean” since that update. Killing the app when it’s stuck in this situation, then running it again, usually shows a “what’s new” message. Once that message is dismissed, I haven’t seen the problem return… until the next app update.

Hi! I’m missing a feature in the previous app that was left out of version 2.0.
Previously, above a shared camera we could click a link that would show all the shared users for that camera. By clicking on any shared user, a window would then open up showing when (date and time) that shared user accessed that specific camera. I don’t know why this useful feature was removed, but I would like to see it added back in the new version of the app. Thank you for all your hard work!

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