Wyze App " Unable to access Settings"

Recently noticed on my Iphone, that when connected to PanCam Camera, I am unable to access advanced settings menu in the app. All firmware has been updated a week ago,

When I select the settings icon on interface it just goes to white screen, I have attempted to completely close out of the Wyze app reconnect with same issues, All other areas of app are functional other then ability to access settings.

The only other issue is that one camera is offline, I am not sure if this is the reason why I cannot access the advanced settings, but it is not accessible even when connected to other cameras, which prompted me this morning to trouble shoot.

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Try and power cycle the pan cam. Unplug the power cord form the camera, and let sit for about 5-10 seconds… then re-attach the power cord… Give a a minute or two to reboot and re-connect to your wifi network…

(In the meantime, I would recommend that you reboot the phone as well (power off/ then reboot) - Its a good idea to reboot your device just to clear cache, etc… (especially after updating firmware or software patches…(You may have already re-booted it since then, but a power shut down and re-boot can’t hurt…))

Then try loading up the app again and see if yo have any better luck…

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I think that I should be more specific. Even though I was having issues with one of my camera’s which lead me to my initial problem.

I resolved camera being viewed in app… however my issue is that when I attempt to get into the settings of the APP it will just display a blank screen. All other functions of app work on Iphone 11. I did upgrade firmware on app a week or so ago.

I already rebooted my phone attempted to access settings again and will load to blank screen. I can see all of my cameras etc… all other functions of app work. Hesitant to delete app and reinstall, because I dont want to go through entire setup again if I have too,

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Resolved my issue, by providing the APP update from the store on the Iphone for the APP to see and configure all functionality.

I did upgrade to Iphone 11 recently and backup provided app but apparently it needed to be updated too see all features again!

Thank you,