Wyze App Signed Out Every Time Auto Unlock Is Supposed To Work


I installed the Wyze lock about month ago and it works pretty good, however I’ve been having a strange issue with the app/lock interface. For some reason, when I approach the door, it sometimes auto unlocks when within range, I can hear it and it works well. However, there are other times when I approach the door, similar situations to when the lock would ordinarily unlock however it’s not unlocking. I proceed to troubleshoot and open the Wyze lock and notice that its signed out… I sign in and then everything is back to normal.

I would then try again either later on that day, or the following day, logged out again. The “auto log off” happens all of the time and I can’t necessarily replicate it. I’ve submitted a log within the BetaApp and did receive an update, however haven’t noticed any immediate solutions to my issue.

Any feedback would be great!

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