Wyze app on ipad instantly crashes

Thank you. Good to know. It was getting very frustrating. Use it as a baby monitor and well hard to monitor a baby when the app wont open. If you see any updates please let me know… again appreciate the help

Glad to hear that Wyze is working on the problem. I also use my iPad as a monitor.

That’s not as reassuring as it sounds. Could take weeks or months to fix.

I hope its alot faster than that. Alot of people use iPads and iPhones with wyze

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As do I, but Wyze has been working on a lot of other issues for weeks or months that also affected a large number of users, without fixing the problem.

I have IOS 12.5.5 on an old I-phone 6 plus. The Wyze app quit working this morning 12/28/21 and I’ve wasted an hour or two thinking it was my phone. I should have know it was a Wyze problem. Wyze support is very bad and I’ve been waiting over a week now for a response on two outdoor cams and a base station that quit working last week. I have 27 Wyze cameras and wish I would have bought another brand.


I’m done recommending any Wyze products to anyone.


I have the iPhone 6 with the 12.5.5 too and the app keeps crashing but my iPad which is 15 works.

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After reporting my iOS issue to Wyze, they keep sending me emails asking if my issue has been resolved. I respond, “No”, then explain the issue all over again. About 30 minutes later, I get the same email asking if my issue has been resolved. I’m thinking these are robot responses - no one read my previous responses.
I really don’t know what’s up with Wyze. Things seem to be off the rails. My iOS device crashes with the app start-up. I have been using my android phone to check on my cameras, but several times a day, the app closes and restarts all by itself. These things never used to happen. Maybe more attention to the cameras and less to the Covid tests.

Me too. I have recommended their products to so many people, Now, I’m regretting it.

Not to jinx it but my iPad/iOS app runs fine.

Hi, having same issue on iPad 12.5.5. Newest version of app. Works on my iPhone SE no problem. iPhone running 15.2

Yep we haven’t heard of a fix yet. @WyzeGwendolyn any word on a fix. People are not happy


Any news on a fix? I use some of my 27 cameras for a business I own. No more Wyze products for me. Several months ago, I actually called their HQ and asked how I could invest in their company. Glad now I didn’t. Their customer support is a joke. Every time I turn around there’s a problem with security, a server, firmware, etc. I’ve had a Ring doorbell cam for years and never once has there been a problem. Maybe Wyze should fix and support what they have instead adding new products every month.


I’m in the same boat. Open/crash on an old iPad Air. This sucks.

What’s the status on a fix? I can’t use the products I paid good money for?

A couple of days ago, they issued a statement saying it was “a top priority to get this issue fixed”.
In business, they call that “PR-101”.

Hello wyze

Been a consumer for more than 5 years now.

I am having issues opening up my iPad mini version 12.5.5

Restarted the whole iPad to factory settings

The wyze app is still not working.

Plese update/fix your app so I can have my app working again.


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Same here. Too bad we don’t hear from Wyze support on when to expect a fix.

Is there any way to @ them here so they can see our issue