Wyze App crashing

Wyze app on my iphone has not worked in 3 days. Tried multiple different things. But they still billed me yesterday even when I don’t have service.

Check this for info on your problem:

I have the same problem and so far no news from Wyze support !!

I’m having the same issue. I’ve literally tried everything more than 10X . I’ve reloaded the app. it’s not my phone per say. It’s working on my newer phone but not the older one???
What’s going on WYZE!! Please update us!

I called Wyze about the problem on 12/30/21…now 1/3/22 still no fix. I have been using Wyze cam’s for about 3 years and in the beginning it was a good product without any monthly or yearly fees. Now you have fees to pay and bad products. Problem I see is Wyze has too many products in the fire and quality is going down hill fast. Sorry to see what was once a small very good company trying to become a large company and making a mess of it. SAD !

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Thanks for the fix.

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I have nothing to do with it.:slightly_smiling_face:

@WyzeTeam :+1:

Yes - how about - hey I’m sorry for you trouble and here’s 3 months free.