Problems with wyze app

Has anyone seen any new updates about the Wyze app crashing on certain iOS systems? I have tried unsuccessfully to contact support to get the latest info. It is very frustrating to get a notification of motion on my front porch and not be able to access the app to see it. And it is becoming more frustrating to get no new updates and have no access to support.

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There are multiple posts about problems with the app under older versions of iOS. You should search or scan the forum.


You can get to Support its located on the top right on this app,ad yes the firmware was put on hold last week untill its resolved, so I would say any day now on the new firmware should be posted

The post asks about the app, not firmware.

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Not holding my breath. Not only is my iPad not any good for my cameras, my Android devices are no longer receiving notifications from ANY of my cameras. Yes… i know… “just restart your camaras… yadda yadda…” I’m so tired of restarting my Wyze cameras while my 4-year old RING camera just works. Not one “restart” in 4 years.