Update causes new problems

Why is it with every update comes more problems it fixes one problem and two more show up. Do you actually care ?

Can you state what those are? Without knowing specifics then the possible new issues can’t be addressed. Have you contacted Support?

The forum is a user to user community full of helpful folks that want to help, but Wyze Support is still the official avenue to assistance.

This update now when you go to events it shows nothing you have to touch the cameras tab then touch show results to be able to see events. Update before that door lock showed offline you which was fixed in the newest app update. This happens all the time after every update to correct an issue another issue pops up. I usually just wait for a fix. But I’m getting tired of problems I thought that was supposed to be the reason for beta testers.

And as for support what support jump through several hoops then finally get to talk to someone and they know less then I do. So they just blame it on me I do something wrong or my wifi is to blame

I have problems with all the updates as well. Doesn’t anyone test them?

Experiencing the same issue. Started with the Aug. 4, 2023 app update.