Wyze App Notification Stability

Just into Wyze about a month now. Like it but a bit finicky. Five indoor cams (one PTZ), 6 motion sensors, 22 contact sensors, two plugs, 3 lights, 3 bridges spaced across the house for strong signal strength to sensors. One story home about 100 ft long. Asus RT-68u router on far end of house. Furthest cam and bridge is about 90 feet from router. I’ve been battling: slow or no notifications in the app. I’ve traced this to mostly the all cams going offline (even the one two feet from the router) although sometime it doesn’t show offline but is unresponsive. For the most part the furthest cam at 90 feet seems to have no connectivity issues with the router. I’m using Samsung with Android 9. Here’s what I did to settle the system down which now seem to be very stable. I hope I have this all right and you’ll tell me if I don’t.

  • Basic connectivity is sensor to bridge/cam to router to cloud and then cloud back down to app for notifications. Or phone to router to cloud.

*Interesting that if you disconnect internet and then trigger a sensor. The bridge/cam stores the notification and then push once internet is re-established. I digress.

  • After searching the Wyze forums, I did the following.
    – Assigned manual IP to each wireless device (on router side) instead of using DHCP which had the biggest impact on performance
    – Made sure that my phone didn’t let Wyze app go to sleep and it had ability to work in back ground mode. Did this through Device Care and Apps in settings. Think this had the biggest impact on cams going offline. (Also make sure that Wyze app can access data when using mobile vs. wifi)
    – Ensured that location of sensor to cams had at least two bars.

  • After these changes the responsiveness and stability is night and day. I wasn’t have internet connectivity or speed issues. It could have been performance issues AWS cloud but I’ll assume that wasn’t the case over a month.

  • I’ll monitor and report back if something changes but I sure like the system when it works as advertised.

I use this for security so a few other things I use as part of the system:

  • I use an app called “Internet Connection Alert” to monitor my internet status via wifi at night. Simple and works no frills. But Wyze like many new cloud based systems is useless without internet so I want to know if someone cuts the cord.

  • I use CyberPower UPS on at least one of my computers that stays on as it has a great app for power interruptions and will notify me if again someone tried to cut my power.

  • The last app I used is called Recent Notification. It’s simple and great. It collects all my notifications much better than my phone so I can see in the middle of the night what exactly is going on.
    **Enhancement: It would be great if Wyze had a “status change” history/log/console instead of having to go to each sensor for history. Like the events tab in the Wyze app but for all status changes.

I’ve been playing a lot with using the motion sensors outside. Different waterproof configs. Lots of community talk on this topic. They work great at night but sun and heat is problematic. For my purposes at night they seem to be great. You can’t beat the price or size. I prefer them on my outside doors and have them turning on an outside light and giving notifications of any movement around the house. I haven’t gone down using indoor or outdoor cams yet. I guess at some point I’ll try the outdoor cams but will need to work powering them vs. bat.

Hope some of this helps.

Happy Wyzing.



Forgot to add one additional. I also disabled “Airtime Fairness”. It located under wireless>>professional tabs towards the bottom of the options. Did this only for the 2.4GHz network.