Wyze App listens to Blackberry microphone even when not allowed

Very concerning behavior.

We use the Wyze App on a Blackberry Key2. The permissions are set such that Wyze never has access to the phone’s microphone and that all attempts to use the microphone are logged in the Blackberry Dtek log.

We have seen multiple times where the Wyze app attempted to use the microphone. We have never used the feature to send audio to the camera. About 2 weeks ago, the log showed that the App ACTUALLY SUCCEEDED in turning on the microphone for 18 seconds, despite the permissions being turned off.

Several devices we have in our home (including other cell phones, the Signal app, and our home security system) have been hacked. I’d like to know if anyone else has experienced this microphone behavior on their phones. i.e., is this a bug in the Wyze App, a security hole in the Wyze App that is being exploited, or something else entirely.

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Have you gotten a Response from Wyze?