Microphone permission and implications

I am wondering when the permission of microphone is set “on” in Wyze app, it could pose some privacy issues such as phone conversations could be “accessible” (listened) by the app itself. What I mean is if the app were to be hacked, could the hacker be able to listen to or record a phone conversation with or without Wyze app active (in the background)? The platform my Wyze app is running on is Android 11.

I’m a mobile app developer so to give you answers from an app creator perspective…

Well, one you’re running an Android version that is trashed and lacking security fixes. I doubt your device is getting security updates nearly 4 years later. Even then the OS has security flaws that will remain forever unfixed so security isn’t at the top of your list anyway.

I can’t remember if Android 11 shows the microphone in use in the status bar. Android 13 and 14 I know do. So, if an app is using the microphone then it shows a bright easily visible dot at the top of the screen.

Older Android versions have less security in design. Security changes as versions change.

Indeed, if the app can use the microphone then yes, in the background it can record or even convert voice to text and send that text out via the internet to a server for nefarious reasons. I am not saying that Wyze is doing that. Wyze should be expected to be fine. But you have the freedom to think whatever you want.

If you don’t want to use the mic then simply don’t give it permission. That is totally acceptable. You just can’t use any features that need it. EIther you trust Wyze or you don’t. That is your choice for you :slight_smile:

On the app hacking… that’s a rather complicated topic and heavily programmer speak oriented that doesn’t dumb down well. In general, unless a hacker app/code target’s some app/OS security flaw then it shouldn’t happen. Apps have far more private space in Android for some years now. Its not a concern of mine on any of my own devices. But, I can’t speak for your devices and what you put on them.

Etc etc. But, maybe that will help you to understand better. Idk. Personally, I’d suggest if you’re concerned about the app in this way, that you should get a new device instead that gets years of at least quarterly security updates (monthly if possible) and even better if it gets 4+ years of OS upgrades (eg Google’s own devices or Samsung).