Why is app using microphone in the background?

Saw this happen today -

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The screenshot is from a third party Android app - or a settings screen native to the OS (version)?

This is from the native Android 9 system Permission usage monitor. Found in Settings → Biometrics and securty → Permission usage monitor → “Tap three vertical dots in top right” → Permission history.

Thanks, I don’t have any answers but I’ll be interested to see Wyze’s response.

Could you please provide us some detailed information when it happened? Did you open two-way audio on Pan before switching the App to background? Or what other functions did you use before switching to the background?

I was looking at a live feed but did not use two-way communication. I hit the home button, returned to the main Android screen then 2 or 3 minutes later I got that notification.

I see 19mb of background data usage for the app also.

Thank you so much for your information, I’ve let the dev team look into the issue, will let you know once we have progress.

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One more question, what’s your device model? Pan, v1 or v2? And what’s the App version are you on?

Pan v2, app version 2.3.80